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Mr Theakston, former presenter of the BBC Saturday morning children's show Live and Kicking, was also in France yesterday.

He was continuing work in Paris on his new BBC1 series, Holiday Interactive.

Seeming completely in the dark about any impending split, he described Miss Richardson with undiluted affection.

Asked if she was the love of his life, he replied: 'Er ...yes, I think so. We're both very happy.' Miss Richardson, whose former husband Tim Bevan left her for a younger woman, stressed there was no third party involved in her decision.

His spokesman Julian Henry was last night at a loss to know exactly how to respond to news of the split.

The 40-year-old beauty - who plays JULIA Mc NAMARA in the hit TV series - has reportedly been dating 27-year-old Hensley since last year (04), but has always kept the relationship under-wraps.'I spoke to him for an hour on the phone last night and he made no mention of it whatsoever. We've left several messages on his mobile phone but we haven't yet been able to get hold of him.' The couple had increasingly been separated by work, with Miss Richardson performing on the stage in New York for the last five months and Mr Theakston often abroad filming for the new BBC travel show.But Hensley has told friends their romance is over, despite his agent's claims the couple were never an item, according to British newspaper THE SUN.It was one of those moments when he must have wished he'd kept his mouth shut.Days after publicly describing girlfriend Joely Richardson as the love of his life, Jamie Theakston learned last night that the actress had dumped him.

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The TV presenter was out of the country, initially unaware of the split, while Joely - daughter of actress Vanessa Redgrave - was busy blaming the break-up on the pressures of working apart.

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