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Who is shia labouf dating

When the culture’s only standard for “marriage” is that the parties love each other, then all sorts of novel configurations are possible. Under the banner of the gay-rights rainbow, the new cultural revolutionaries are not only redefining marriage but also, to borrow from the popular term of 1960s radicals, “smashing monogamy.” What’s to stop these three non-monogamous married men from taking on added spouses? This is what we gay-marriage opponents have been warning about.

It was launched in the 1920s as the American Birth Control League, with Sanger’s interests being birth control and eugenics.

Those of us opposing same-sex “marriage” for reasons like this were told by gay-marriage advocates that we were nuts.

Our claims that the redefining of marriage would lead to polygamous marriage and other arrangements were ridiculed.

We were denounced as homophobes and bigots who simply hate. They shouted at us that they would progressives “progress.” The only thing you really know about progressives, and that they know about themselves, is that they’re always changing, evolving.

Where they stand now, on any given issue, is, by progressivism’s own definition, subject to change.

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They “progressed” to where Sanger’s organization rapidly became America’s largest abortion provider.

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