Who was kelly monaco dating for 18 years

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Who was kelly monaco dating for 18 years

Kelly had been with him since she was 15 and he was 18 and Mike was apparently doing her wrong from the get go.The guy did not have much going on and just seemed to latch onto Kelly when she was young and damaged her self-esteem for sport.“General Hospital” spoilers indicate Jake and Sam will find out they can be together on-screen soon but off-screen as well, the two stars are already hooking up. Kelly had her arms around Billy and they were holding each other, laughing and smiling. What is undeniable on-screen chemistry between Kelly and Billy/Sam and Jake has translated into real life romance and they certainly deserve this slice of happiness.

It’s a mystery why Kelly has always taken up with men that are not in her stratosphere.And Billy Miller himself has no Twitter or Facebook page.He launched a Go Fund Me to help his handicapped niece Savannah and her archery team go to a national competition.He’s said in an interview how crazy he is about the kid.In other sign that Kelly and Billy are simpatico, Kelly has been heavily promoting this cause in her Twitter feed.

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Kelly is notoriously private about her private life – that’s why few people ever saw her long-time loser BF in photos.