Www finishfirstdating com

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Www finishfirstdating com

Every one needs a little confirmation that the way an assh*le acts is just a front.I mean, c'mon, it's plain ridiculous the lengths they will go to.That moment when he or she finally stops talking about their self and remembers your company beside them, asking you how your day was and how you're feeling.That moment when he or she shines their romantic light, reminding you that you two need to go out for a special night of dinner and drinks. We battle through the hurt for our love of these moments to indulge in; it’s the moment we believe that he or she actually might care and the whole assh*le front really is just a joke. It’s like that one teacher you had in high school, the one who seems to pick on you and only you for no particular reason, the one who makes you answer the questions you didn’t raise your hand for, the one who gives you an A- instead of the A, which was probably only .5 percent away.” We put up with all of their rude remarks and hurtful behaviors; we ignore the way they treat us as less than we are. We put up with it because it’s rewarding in that glorious moment, no matter how long- or short-lived, we break through to them.We basically feel like fools as a result of this, but continue to strive for affirmation and admiration. That moment of salvation when he or she stops being mean and just smiles and looks at us with adoration.Apparently, I have no self-control…and he’s still an assh*le. “Self, you’re dumb.” I find myself saying this often. We want to be the one to break through to these assh*les, the one to change their ways.So what is it that attracts us weaklings to these assh*les? We shower them with love and cute little jokes and with a lot of, “OMG, stop being so mean to me!

It went a little something like this: This personal pep talk resulted in me texting him, of course. The truth is something we all know inside, but it's too hard for us to articulate and admit to ourselves.

After feeling like you've been bullied and had enough, you finally ask that teacher, “What is your problem with me?

If you’re a ‘nice guy’ to a girl up until you realize she doesn’t want to date you, then go on about how she’s a cold shrew that friendzoned you and how no girls date nice guys, like, nah mate, girls do date nice guys. You’re a passive aggressive beta with internalized misogyny and a serious victim complex.

Lately, I’ve realized I'm surrounded by a lot of assh*le guys in my life, who are, quite frankly, rude pieces of sh*t.

Somehow, I still find myself interested in their friendship, companionship, and potential relationships.

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While most of the time I can shake off this assh*lery, knowing that these guys think they're funny and cool for what they do, other times, it gets frustrating and annoying.

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